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Recruitment and selection (Basic or Plus)

Professional recruitment and selection procedures naturally focus on performance, expertise and competence. However, research has shown that unconscious prejudices (implicit bias) can influence professional selection processes. In this training course, you will explore how implicit bias can influence the recruitment and selection of candidates for a job or grant. You will learn to recognise these biases and to use methods to reduce their impact in selection processes. This course also provides an introduction to the University’s Inclusive Recruitment and Selection toolkit.

Trainers van Human Centric
Target group
Staff involved in recruitment and selection procedures (HRM staff, vacancy holders, managers, members of selection committees)

In this workshop, you will learn to critically examine the methods used to recruit and select talent for a job or grant. You will learn to recognise unconscious biases or preferences that lead to unequal opportunities and to use methods to reduce their impact in selection procedures. The course consists of a four-hour session held in person. It is offered in both Dutch and English and is aimed primarily at people who are involved in selection procedures, such as managers, vacancy holders, HR staff and members of selection committees. The Basic training course, which lasts half a day, focuses on the recruitment and selection procedure. This can be extended with an additional module (the Plus option), which looks in more detail at the analysis of a selection interview and provides an opportunity to reflect more deeply on and practise interviewing methods. If desired, peer discussion groups can also be formed so that participants can continue to actively apply the knowledge they have gained during the course.


Module 1 (basic & plus)
  • Introductions 
  • Theory on implicit bias in recruitment and selection
  • Scene (selection interview)
  • Practising with methodologies
  • Homework assignment
Assignment (optional)
  • Analysing a selection interview based on:
    • Standardised questionnaire
    • Score sheet
    • Evaluation
Module 2 (extra module for Plus option)
  • Check-in
  • Reflection on the assignment
  • Practising with methodologies
  • Forming peer discussion groups
Evaluation (extra component for Plus option)
  • Evaluation form
  • Online session


Training sessions preferably take place in person. We recommend participating in the programme with colleagues from your team or department. The minimum number of participants is 10 and the maximum is 16 (excluding the trainers). The trainer may deviate from the course depending on circumstances and group dynamics. An intake interview will be held with the trainer beforehand to discuss explicit needs. It is also possible to hire an additional trainer for larger groups.


One four-hour session in person. The Plus option includes an additional four hours and a one-hour follow-up session. Dates will be finalised in consultation with the participants. Also bear in mind two to six hours for preparation.

How to register

Send an email to diversitytraining@bb.leidenuniv.nl to request the training programme for your team. As soon as you have a sufficient number of participants, we will put you in touch with the trainers.

More information and a trailer can be found at https://humancentric.nl. 


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