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Implicit bias in talent management and assessment processes: become aware of your own biases

This training programme of the Diversity and Inclusion Expertise Office provides the opportunity to experience your own biases based on specific exercises and learn how to take steps to counteract them. The university wants to be a reflection of society and is commits itself to diversity and equal opportunities for all staff members. The training offers concrete tools to contribute to this goal.

Target group
Caroline Pickard


Implicit bias describes the attitudes or associations we hold about individuals or groups of people. This training provides insight into how implicit bias can influence your understanding of others and the decisions you make in the context of your work. The program will also help you develop techniques to counteract the effects of these biases in selection procedures and in interaction with your colleagues. The programme consists of two training sessions and is mainly intended for supervisors and and members of selection committees. The training is offered in both Dutch and English.


  • Implicit Association test
  • Reading list (optional)
Module 1
  • Getting acquainted
  • Theoretical foundation (implicit bias, diversity & inclusion)
  • Scene to illustrate inclusion 
  • Group dynamic exercise
  • Reflection
  • Assignment
  • Experiment with inclusive leadership
  • Keep a diary
  • Collect cases
Module 2
  • Reflect on assignment
  • Theoretical foundation (inclusive conversational techniques)
  • Scene to illustrate inclusion
  • Exercise inclusive conversations
  • Practice with cases
  • Share stories
  • Develop plan of action
  • Evaluation form
  • Online session


The trainer can diverge from the programme, depending on the circumstances and group dynamics. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an adapted version of the training will be made available as webinar.


Two sessions of 4 hours (on-campus) or two 2-3 hour sessions (online). Dates are set in consultation with the unit.


Send a message to diversiteit@leidenuniv.nl to register or to request the training for your team. More information and a trailer can be found at https://humancentric.nl


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