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Being aware of implicit bias, diversity and inclusion (Basic)

The University is committed to being a reflection of society and strives for diversity and equal opportunity for all employees. In this training course offered by the Diversity and Inclusion Expertise Office, you will experience and learn to reflect on your own implicit biases through a variety of exercises. The training addresses the impact of bias on diversity and inclusion. It also provides practical tools to help achieve the University’s goal through behavioural, cultural and structural changes in order to reduce the impact of bias.

Trainers from Humancentric
Target group
All employees


Implicit bias is another term for unconscious prejudices. Everyone has associations and preferences (or aversions) without being aware of them. In this training course, you will explore how implicit bias can affect your understanding of others and the decisions you make in the workplace. You will learn techniques to help reduce the impact of these biases, for example in selection procedures and in interactions with colleagues. The course consists of two three-hour sessions and an online debriefing. The training is offered in Dutch and English and is open to all employees. We recommend participating in the training course with your whole team or department in order to develop a shared frame of reference.


  • Read Inclusion: From theory to reality
Module 1
  • Check-in with participants 
  • Theory on implicit bias, diversity and inclusion
  • Scene (hierarchy)
  • Group dynamics exercise
  • Reflection
  • Homework assignment
  • Experimenting with inclusive leadership
  • Record keeping
  • Presenting cases
Module 2
  • Reflection on assignment
  • Theory on inclusive conversation techniques
  • Scene (Feedback)
  • Practising conversation techniques
  • Scene (choice depends on the situation)
  • Practising with cases
  • Sharing stories
  • Evaluation form
  • Online debriefing


Training sessions preferably take place in person. We recommend participating in the course with colleagues from your team or department. The minimum number of participants is 10 and the maximum is 16 (excluding the trainers). The trainer may deviate from the course depending on circumstances and group dynamics. An intake interview will be held with the trainer beforehand to discuss explicit needs. Extra modules are also available for an additional fee. Modules include Inclusive leadership, Implicit bias 2.0, Conversational intelligence, Serious game: Blindspot and Bias-proof decision-making. It is also possible to hire an additional trainer for larger groups.


Two in-person sessions lasting three hours each (on campus) and a one-hour online wrap-up session. Dates will be finalised in consultation with the participants. Also bear in mind two to six hours for preparation and, if desired, intervision after the course.

How to register

Send an email to diversitytraining@bb.leidenuniv.nl to request the training course for your team. As soon as you have a sufficient number of participants, we will put you in touch with the trainers.

More information and a trailer about the methods and trainers can be found at https://humancentric.nl 


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