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Didactics - University Teaching Qualification

How to design a course (UTQ module)

Design or redesign your course during one half-day meeting, on the basis of a sound analysis.

Target group
Marijne Scherjon  (Educational advisor)
Training course

Do you need to develop a new course or to redesign or further develop one of your existing courses? In one half-day meeting, the ‘How to design a course’ training covers the entire design cycle to allow you to design or redesign your course on the basis of a sound analysis. The session also offers space to share your experiences and receive feedback on the various elements of your course design.

This training is aligned with the UTQ objectives and supports you in working towards your university teaching qualification. This course is specifically aimed at FGGA lecturers.

Programme set-up

This training exists of one half-day meeting.

Before you can design or redesign a course it is important to know what the use and relevance of the course is, and how it ties in with the other courses in the curriculum. Once you have a clear idea about these matters, you can look at the basic design of your course on the basis of the concept of constructive alignment. During the meeting the basics of your course, challenges and possible solutions will be discussed.

Learning objectives

  • Write specific and measurable learning outcomes;
  • Analyse a course design based on constructive alignment;
  • Give suggestions to improve the course design;
  • Describe how to take students’ backgrounds into account.

Study load

2,5 hours assignments and a 3 hour session.


For Leiden University/LUMC staff and teachers from Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft the lower amount (€125) applies, for other participants it is the higher amount (€175). 

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