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Didactics - University Teaching Qualification

Interactive Teaching and Technology in the Classroom (UTQ module)

Target group
Valtr Troy Mandemaker  (Tutor Bachelor Security Studies) Sarah Snoei  (Tutor Bachelor Security Studies)
Training course

The purpose of the ‘Interaction Teaching and Technology in the Classroom’ module, instructors are introduced to multimedia tools that can be integrated into classroom and lectures settings to prompt engagement and stimulate learning.  Instructors that follow this three-hour module will be introduced to these multimedia tools, instructed on ways to integrate them, and will be given the opportunity to test out these tools during the module.  By the end of the module, instructors should be able to:

  1. understand what comprises interactive technologies
  2. understand why and how these technologies are used in education
  3. apply these technologies in a classroom or lecture setting

This course is specifically aimed at FGGA lecturers.


For Leiden University/LUMC staff and teachers from Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft the lower amount (€125) applies, for other participants it is the higher amount (€175). 

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