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Didactics - University Teaching Qualification

Learning Experience Design

How can you design impactful learning experiences? In this workshop, you will acquire knowledge of essential Learning Experience Design principles and build a learning experience step-by-step.

Target group
Karen van Muiden  (Project Manager)

We delve into key aspects necessary for designing effective learning experiences, such as: learning objectives, target audience, assessments and end qualifications. We discuss questions like: What is necessary to walk the envisioned learning path? What are valuable real-world examples to incorporate into your university course? You will leave equipped to design engaging learning experiences for any circumstance.

Please note that this workshop is an excellent fit for teachers or groups looking to create a new (online) course, serious game, or other learning experience. It's also perfect for those who want to re-design an existing course.

Learning objectives

  • Have insight into the basic concepts of Learning Experience Design.
  • Apply the steps of Learning Experience Design to your own course/module.
  • Create a prototype of an optimal learning experience.
  • Consider your target audience before designing your learning experience.
  • Create optimal learning objectives for your learning experience.
  • Align your learning objectives with a type of assessment.
  • Argue which tools work best in your situation.

Programme set-up

This blended training module consists of an online preparatory component and one or two four-hour sessions with the trainer. During the in-person session, we'll focus on the origin of the project, your learners, and your learning goals and objectives.

We'll kick-start your course design, then continue refining it, offering hands-on feedback. We'll also delve deeper into the various methods of assessment and feedback. You'll be working on your design throughout the session(s). Afterward, you'll have the option for individual consultation with the trainer regarding your (re)design.

Study load

This largely depends on the scope and complexity of the learning experience you aim to develop. Generally, we'll need one session of four hours, with an optional additional hour for consultation, or two sessions of four hours each, again with an optional hour for consultation.

Registration and contact

For registration or questions, please contact Karen van Muiden via c.e.van.muiden@llinc.leidenuniv.nl.



Depending on the specific needs a personal offer will be created.

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