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Didactics - University Teaching Qualification

Teaching in practice (UTQ module)

Learn how to structure your lecture, reach your students and use activating methods and tools.

Target group
Training course

What is my role as a teacher when I lecture? How do I ensure that all my students actually work in my tutorials? Which activating methods and tools can I use? What can I do to motivate my students? In this training you will get tools, theory and practical exercises to find answers to the above questions.

This training is aligned with the UTQ objectives and supports you in working towards your university teaching qualification. This course is specifically aimed at FGGA lecturers.

Programme set-up

The training 'Delivery of education' consists of three meetings and is focused on general basic teaching methods. Besides general basic teaching methods, each participant works on his/her personal learning goal. It is our intention to take each participant one step further on his/her level.

1st meeting
What is my vision on teaching and my personal learning goal? How can I structure my lecture/tutorial? Which interactive teaching methods and tools can I use? What questions can I ask to involve my students? What are the ‘pros and cons’ of Powerpoint?

2nd meeting
How do I motivate my students? How can intervision solve my problems? How do I give a fascinating, effective start of my lecture or tutorial? Participants show each other a start of a lecture or a tutorial. Oral feedback is given.

3rd meeting
Where can I find educational literature or information to keep up to date? How does my fellow teacher deal with teaching? Participants interview a colleague and report on this during the meeting. Each participant carries out an example from the teaching practice for the group. Oral feedback is given.

Learning objectives

  • Analyzing the structure of the lecture/tutorial
  • Formulate learning objectives for lectures/tutorial;
  • Apply interactive teaching methods and use tools;
  • Taking into account motivation and ways of learning;
  • Consulting educational sources;
  • Performing an example from teaching practice.

Study load

8 hours assignments and 12 hours sessions. 


For Leiden University/LUMC staff and teachers from Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft the lower amount (€375) applies, for other participants it is the higher amount (€525). 

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