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Academic management and leadership skills

Your success as an academic and leader is determined not only by your academic skills but also by your knowledge of your working environment and your ability to exert an influence on this. If you are a manager and want to improve your management skills, this course will help. It covers the skills that you need in an academic environment.

Target group
Teresa Cardoso Ribeiro (Publidox)
Training course

Please note: this training is in English.

For whom

Assistant and associate professors of Leiden University with five to ten years of experience after their PhD.


This training focuses on expanding your repertoire and applying the methods and tools that will improve your managerial skills.

The course focuses on:

  • Influencing peers, strategic networking (influence and power), managerial roles and styles.
  • Operating in a political environment (decision making; determining direction; stakeholder analysis; daring to take action; and delegation, which is complex because you will often delegate to peers).
  • Knowledge of institutional strategy and translating this to your own role.
  • Increasing organisational sensitivity, negotiation skills and meeting techniques, with a particular focus on determining your stance and creating acceptance for your ideas.
  • Intercultural communication, diversity and inclusion.

What you'll learn

After completing the course, you will have greater insight into your management skills. You:

  • Will be aware of your personal style and are thus able to achieve greater success in your team. 
  • Will have greater insight into your power of persuasion and the effect of your communication.
  • Will be able to provide better supervision.


In the sessions, you will learn methods and tools that will help you develop your managerial skills, and will apply them to situations you have encountered in your work. The knowledge and skills sessions alternate with inspiration sessions. In these inspiration sessions, you are given the opportunity to ask experienced colleagues about what they have encountered. Questions such as ‘how did you tackle that and what were the results?’ will help them look back at their experiences.

You can then look forward and ask questions such as: how do I want to tackle x, y or z? Perhaps I should do it differently or perhaps I shouldn’t do it at all? Who and what do I need?


This concerns 7 half days or 5 sessions. There is no returnday. You will complete a written intake not later than two weeks before the start of the module. 

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