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Your research in the spotlight

If research is your passion, finding funding is often a prerequisite to give you the means or the freedom to pursue this. But there is more to it than applying for grants alone. In this course you will develop a personal strategy to achieve your research goals.

Target group
Postdoctoral researcher
Aletta Wubben  ((human and organisational development)) Anke Klerkx  (Coordinator Grant Development Team)
Training course

For whom & price

This training course is intended for:

  • lecturers and senior lecturers Leiden University with 5 to 10 years of experience after their PhD
  • Tenure Track Candidates

Course fee: € 2.000,-

Please note: participation in this course requires the approval of your supervisor. 

What you'll learn

If you want to perform research, it is very likely that you feel the need to acquire research funding to obtain sufficient time and freedom to develop a solid research line.

There are, however, many ways to enable research. This training is about finding the path that suits you best. A logical departure point for this, is to start with your drive to perform research. This is an excellent means to keep focus and to be successful. And with being successful we do not refer to obtaining that prestigious personal grant, but to being able to do the research you would like to do.

During the training you will develop a personal plan to take the steps that will get you where you want to go.

This includes: 
•    working on your personal profile and track record 
•    collaborating and networking 
•    recognising suitable grant opportunities in the vast funding landscape 
•    creating the space and the conditions that you need for your research 
•    dealing with personal hurdles, such as gaining more confidence or dealing with distractions 

Format & workload

You will be developing a personal strategy that you enable to do research by bringing together three elements: knowledge on the funding landscape, tools and skills training and attention to personal development goals.  

The programme consists of: 
•    A questionnaire and intake session to determine your learning goals 
•    4 training days 
•    2 personal coaching sessions 
•    1 advice session by a grant advisor. 

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