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Research | Personal development | Leadership

Acquisition & Earning Power

This course will focus on how to become more efficient in obtaining funding so that you can create a solid basis for your own research group.

Target group
Postdoctoral researcher
Aletta Wubben  ((human and organisational development)) Anke Klerkx  (Coordinator Grant Development Team)
Training course

Many researchers would like to spend all their time doing research and teaching in their specialist field. However, as you become a lecturer or tenure tracker the question arises how to finance your research. Not only are researchers expected to excel and distinguish themselves academically, they also have to apply entrepreneurial qualities and think strategically in order to achieve their goals. Next to that, they need to be able to navigate the complex funding landscape with its many rules and conditions.

For whom & price

This training course is intended for lecturers and senior lecturers of Leiden University with 5 to 10 years of experience after their PhD (tenure track candidates of the Science Faculty).

  • lecturers an senior lecturers Leiden University: € 1.000,-


  • profile as a researcher 
  • personal learning objectives 
  • exploration of the funding landscape 
  • how to influence people 
  • networking
  • information and support 
  • strategy and plan of action 
  • topics chosen by the participants

What you'll learn

In this training course we combine personal aspects and theoretical knowledge. We will focus on your personal profile: your qualities and areas for improvement. In addition, the course provides specific information about various funding possibilities. After completing the training course, you will have acquired the insights, tools and knowledge required to realise your ambitions.


Before the start of the programme you will be asked to fill in an intake form. Upon receiving of this form we will invite you to an intake session. With this information, we can ensure that the course is as tailored to your specific needs as possible, in order to avoid participants being flooded with too much information.


The programme consists of one intake session at Luris, three days of training, two coaching sessions at Luris and an advisory session at Luris. During this advisory session, we will be discussing specific funding opportunities and strategies. During the coaching sessions, we will be focusing on the personal learning objectives of the participants.​​​

The intake sessions will be on 24 and 25 January 2022, the coaching sessions are on 24 and 25 February 2022 and on 23 and 30 May 2022.

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