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Basic Project Management for PhDs

Your PhD is a large-scale research project spanning several years. Attaining the project management skills needed to effectively manage the required tasks has been found to be a crucial factor in PhD success (Hardre et. al, 2019).

Target group
PhD candidate
Downside Up
Training course
The workload for this course amounts to 13 hours, including 9 hours group sessions + 4 hours on-the-job and online assignments
Start dates 2023
5 April, 9 May, 5 June, 7 September, 12 October, 7 November, 4 December

Why this course?

The goal of this course is to attain the project management skills that are most relevant for PhD candidates. Afterwards, participants experience more job control and self-efficacy, less stress and work pressure and therefore are better equipped to complete their PhD successfully and in good health.

This course is primarily aimed at first or second year PhD candidates.

Participants learn to:
•    Clearly define the scope of projects and sub-projects;
•    Use several visual tools to get an overview of (the first year of) their PhD trajectory;
•    Effectively translate large projects into milestones, goals and sub-goals;
•    Create and adapt project planning overviews;
•    See what ‘kind’ of project management fit them best, and explore how their own personalities are of influence to their project management skills;
•    Identify and mitigate potential risks in their project management.


The backbone of this course consists of three 3-hour group sessions, where we together explore different techniques, share inspiration, practice skills and prepare and reflect on on-the-job project management assignments. The sessions are meant to facilitate participants in acquiring the necessary skills and trust to put their project management improvements into practice between sessions. In the run-up to the first meeting and in between the meetings, participants are invited to explore relevant theoretical resources to deepen their knowledge on project management for researchers.

ONLINE VERSION: In the online version, all three group sessions are facilitated online.

OFFLINE VERSION: In the offline version, the first and the third session are facilitated offline. The second session is online.

Practical information

  • You can register for this course using the registration buttons on the right side of this page. Please note the difference between Staff (employee of Leiden University) and Extern/LUmc (e.g. extern, self-funded researchers or employee at LUmc). 
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