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Data- and Project Management for PhDs

Project management is about structuring and monitoring your work. Knowing the what, why, when, where, and how is crucial to get a grip on your work, obtain results, and maintain some peace of mind. Data management involves the creation, safe storage and preservation of research data. This PhD starter kit covers the theory and practice of both data- and projectmanagement.

Target group
PhD candidate
Michelle van den Berk  (Digital Scholarship Librarian) Ruben Verheul  (trainer and coach, PhDconsult)
Training course

For whom

PhD candidates (Leiden University and LUMC) preferably in the first year of their research.

Please note: The LUMC offers its own Data and Project Management course, so consult your supervisor to find out which course is best for you.


  • Basic principles of project management and their application to research projects.
  • Regulations and academic standards regarding research data management
  • Techniques for planning work on your dissertation (and other tasks).
  • Analysing your work habits, strengths and challenges.
  • Pitfalls, priorities, and personal effectiveness.
  • Best practices for storing and sharing data

What you'll learn

You'll learn how to deal with your data during and after your research project. You will make your data findable, comprehensible, accessible, and reusable. Thinking about data management early on in your PhD will save time in the end. You will have a clear understanding of the principles and the benefits of good data management. The project management techniques addressed will enable you to take the first steps towards owning your project.


Prior the course, you are expected to submit your research proposals and, if possible, your (preliminary) planning and data management plan. If you do not have a datamanagement plan, it will be sufficient if you describe very briefly the role of researchdata in your research. During the course, you will familiarise yourself with key project and data management concepts and planning techniques. You will finalised and submitted (revised) plans between day one and day two of the course.


The workload for this course amounts to 28 hrs in total, including preparation, attendance and reading.

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