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Communication | Working effectively

Effective Communication for PhDs

If you want your PhD project to be a success, effective communication is essential. In this one day course, we will provide you with a few techniques that will help you to clarify intentions, understand cultural differences and increase your influence.

Target group
PhD candidate
Aletta Wubben  (Mens- en Organisatieontwikkeling)
Training course

Effective communication will have a positive effect on the PhD process and on how you carry out your work.

For whom

PhDs from Leiden University and LUMC, who want to learn how to communicate constructively and influentially.

PhDs from the Faculty of Science in the second year of their programme, who want to learn how to communicate constructively and influentially: 
10 January, 23 January, 13 February, 15 April, 9 May, 19 June, 6 September, 18 September, 6 November, 18 November, 3 December 


  • Styles of influence
  • Handling differences in outlook and interests
  • Unarticulated expectations
  • Taboos in communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Cultural differences in communication

What you'll learn

You'll be more aware of your style of interaction, and will have guidelines for more effective communication with your PhD supervisor/manager, mentor, colleagues and others.


Prior to the course you will receive a questionnaire about your expectations and objectives. You will also be asked to give an example of a difficult situation you have encountered. During the day we will look at these personal examples and the relevant theory.


The workload for this course amounts to 6 hours including attendance and preparation.

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