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Your Start in Leadership

As a university, we are committed to our academic traditions. But we are also innovative and at the cutting edge of many scientific fields. Both our organisation and the world beyond are developing at a rapid pace. This calls for flexible and unifying leadership.

Nelleke Pronk Vincent Hendriks
Training course

As a leader, it is also your role – together with your colleagues – to present an exciting vision of the future and to work together to effect change. You are able to connect with others and to contribute to the professional development of your colleagues by coaching, motivating and guiding them. Together with your team, you are able to make decisions that enjoy broad support, and you understand the dynamics of a large organisation and know how to navigate it. You also understand operational issues such as internal and external financing, the recruitment of new talented staff and national and international partnerships. The university offers various training programmes and courses for developing your leadership skills. Your future as a leader starts with this course.


During this course, you will develop your leadership skills by acquiring knowledge, gaining experience through practice, experimenting with new forms of behaviour and learning from each other. The course consists of a kick-off session, four all-day training days and four half-day peer-to-peer sessions. The first two training days are held at Kasteel Oud Poelgeest, Oegstgeest; the remaining training days take place at PLNT.



You can follow this course in Dutch or English:

  • The course that starts on 24 February: Dutch
  • The course that starts on 29 March: English
  • The course that starts on 12 May: Dutch

Target group

This course is for all those who have a leadership role (within both academic and non-academic organisational units) as well as lecturers with preferably three to five years of experience.

4 modules

The course consists of four modules:

  1. Personal Leadership: In this module, you examine your behavioural patterns, your underlying convictions, key value patterns and motivators and the way in which these are reflected in your style of leadership.
  2. Leading Professionals: In this module, you work on deepening and broadening your coaching skills. The focus here is on increasing the employee’s ability to think for themselves and on stimulating personal responsibility. Developing the necessary skills to give positive feedback in a constructive and non-aggressive way is also a key component of this module.
  3. Leading Teams: This module introduces you to two aspects of team leadership: communicating a vision and making decisions that enjoy broad support using the integrative decision-making method. It is the role of leaders to present an exciting vision of the future, to get the team on board and to embrace change. The integrative decision-making method is a practical tool aimed at ensuring that everyone feels heard and commits to decisions. It also contributes to greater social safety within the team.

Leading in a System: Systemic dynamics (or patterns based on laws) between the various layers of the organisation reveal that people’s behaviour is not only determined by the individual, but to a large extent also by the position they occupy within the organisation. In this module, you learn a range of interventions based on the laws of the system.

After completing this course, you will have:

  • a greater understanding of your personal dynamics and how this affects your leadership;
  • learnt about key leadership skills, such as coaching and leading discussions;
  • tools for conveying your vision as a manager;
  • tools for making decisions and coming to agreements that enjoy broad support;
  • an understanding of the dynamics of a large organisation and how to navigate those dynamics in your role as a manager.
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