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Leadership with impact

What do you need to increase your impact as a leader? To answer this question, you have to have insight into your own beliefs and reflexes, the balance of forces of your organisation, and team dynamics. This training programme helps you to greatly strengthen your impact as a leader.

Nelleke Pronk (Ardis) Vincent Hendriks (Ardis)
Training course

Target group

This training programme is intended for staff members in positions of formal or informal leadership (both academic and supporting staff). 

Leadership with impact

The ‘Leadership with impact’ training programme (formerly ‘Your Start in Leadership’) addresses various aspects of leadership. 

Once you can lead yourself, you can also lead others. This is why this training programme starts with getting to know yourself very well. You will deepen your insight into your personal qualities, pitfalls, and conscious and unconscious automatic patterns.

You will also work on your coaching skills and interview techniques. These are your most important tools as a supervisor for motivating and guiding others in their professional development. 

You will learn how to lead your colleagues and teams, and how to implement your vision and stimulate integrative decision-making. You will be offered tools for creating a safe and pleasant work atmosphere, in which everyone feels heard, and is able to commit to the decisions taken. 

Finally, you will be introduced to the concept of leadership in an ever-changing context, the systemic dynamics (or ‘laws’) that play within the organisation, and how you move and how you can guide others as they move. 


‘Leadership with impact’ consists of four one-day modules, and three online peer review meetings of half a day. Modules 1 and 2 are offered as a two-day training block, including an overnight stay. 
At various points in this training programme, we will deploy actors to help you practise case studies from your own practice.  


Topics covered include:

• Module 1 – Your leadership style – helps you deepen your insight into your own behavioural patterns, your underlying beliefs, and the way in which these are expressed in your leadership style
• Module 2 – Leading professionals: in this module, you will work on the skills you need to lead professionals 
• Module 3 – Leading teams: this module deals with two aspects of team steering: implementing a vision, and dealing with responses to your vision 
• Module 4 – Leading in the system: offers insight into the dynamics within an organisation and offers you tools for influencing these dynamics


At Leiden University, we work to create a connecting and flexible leadership style. This requires various leadership competencies. This training programme covers the following competencies, among others:
• Self-awareness 
• Resilience 
• The dot on the horizon 
• Making the system more agile 
• Flexibility 
• Working with different styles 
• Conflict management 
• Inspiring vision

After completing this course, you will have:

  • More insight into your personal dynamic and how it affects your leadership.
  • Been introduced to important leadership skills such as coaching and interview techniques.
  • Tools for realising your vision as a leader.
  • Tools for reaching broadly supported decisions and agreements.
  • Insight in the dynamics of a large organisation and how to navigate these in your role as supervisor.

This training programme forms part of Leiden University’s leadership development programme. The University aims to use this programme to give people in formal and informal leadership positions the opportunity to broaden their leadership style, get to know the organisation better, and widen their skills repertoire. In this way, we work towards creating a work environment in which talent can develop, and where our ambitions in the field of education, research, and impact can come to fruition. In addition, flexible and connecting leadership allows us to meet the dynamic challenges of our times. 

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