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Communication | Diversity

Intercultural communication

The academic world is increasingly becoming an international community with its various nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. To promote cooporation between the local and international communities, the university developed a new policy that focuses on diversity and inclusivity. After this course you will be more aware of the importance of an inclusive culture.

Target group
Non-academic staff
Postdoctoral researcher
Hélène Borgman  (D&I Company)
Training course

More insight into cultural differences creates mutual understanding and promotes good (international) cooperation.

Target group and price*

Employees of Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University and KNAW: €300,-


Presentations and a number of statements on bias, culture, inclusive culture, cultural synergy and communication will give you insight into:

  • Your own behaviour
  • Implicit bias and stereotypes
  • Culture according to different models

What you'll learn

You'll be more aware of the importance of an inclusive culture, you'll understand the creation of cultural synergy, and you'll know how to apply it in situations of intercultural communication. The workload of this training course amounts to 6 hrs.

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