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Career development

Job Orientation for PhDs

Are you in the 3rd or final year of your PhD and thinking about the next step in your career? Do you wonder what your strengths and talents are and what kind of job will suit you? In this course we will explore these questions so you will be able to make an informed and educated decision in finding your next job. This course will be completed in one day.

Target group
PhD candidate
Mrs. M. (Marion) Miezenbeek  (Qcoach.nl, senior career counselor and trainer)
Training course

Note: This course Job Orientation was called before: Competences and motives.

This 1 day-course will help you reflect on your skills, as well as your motivation.
A successful job search starts with knowing yourself well. A personal and job market profile will make it easier for you to navigate the job market and search for your next job with more confidence.

For whom

 PhD candidates of Leiden University and LUMC in their 3rd year or up.


  • Competences, values and drives/motivation and career possibilities in relation to your present or future job.
  • Pitfalls and challenges.
  • Possibilities for improving your employability.

What you'll learn

After this training, you have more insight in yourself and realistic career opportunities.You are able to translate all the information into a personal and job market profile which helps you to approach the labor market in a goal-oriented way.


As preparation for this course you should use the  Career platform for PhDs:

  1. Do the Talent in Focus and take the Work values test
  2. Do the Ideal workday-exercise and try to make the first draw of your Personal and labor market profile

Bring the test results and your exercises with you to the course. On the basis of these exercises you will work in an interactive way to gain more insight into yourself (your talents, drives and competences). You will also start developing your ‘personal brand’ and learn how to present yourself as a strong, distinctive and unique brand. During the course, you will receive personal feedback and tips and tricks for the future.


This course consists of one group training session of 8 hours, and one individual career coaching session of one hour in which you discuss your personal profile and your future plans. The coaching session is optional. The total workload for this course amounts to 12 hours - including attendance, preparation and homework and use of the Career platform for PhDs.

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