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Webinar: A pleasant work environment: tips for connecting communication

Martine van den Hoed  (Trainer)
Training course

Our aim at Leiden University is that we all work together on creating a safe, inclusive and positive work environment, where we can truly function as a team: taking an interest in one another, listening carefully and engaging in active collaboration.

Two crucial aspects of this are listening to one another and feeling free to express our views. But how do you really listen to someone? And how do you make sure that you feel free to express your views, even when you’re in the minority?

In this online workshop we will reflect on a number of essential skills for increasing social safety, with some valuable communication tips. 

The topics we will work on together include:

  • speaking frankly
  • listening with an open heart
  • giving space to other voices (on the basis of Deep Democracy)
  • finding a balance between being yourself and adapting to the other person

We will spend time in the webinar discussing each of these skills and will also offer some simple tools for putting them into practice yourself.

This online training session will be presented by Martine van den Hoed, a trainer with The UP Movement.

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