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Mindfulness simply means being aware of the present moment. By noticing your thoughts, sensations and behavior, you learn to make conscious choices instead of reacting automatically. Living in the here and now requires practice, but it can be very beneficial. Among other things, you'll become aware of the signals your body gives you and you'll be able to discover your fixed patterns and habits.

Target group
PhD candidate
Marleen Zwetsloot
Training course
The workload for this course amounts to 8 hours (5 hours of training and 3 hours of homework)
Start dates 2023
9 May, 21 June

Why this course?

Topics include:

  • The automatic pilot
  • Focus and intention
  • Bodily signals, responding to stress
  • Thoughts as mental events
  • Mindful listening
  • Self care and compassion

Upon completion of this course, you: Know the theory behind mindfulness, trained your intention and internal motivation for the things you think are important and want to accomplish. In addition, you have more insight in your personal circle of influence, are more aware of your own (automatic) thoughts, sensations and behavior. Also, you are trained to pause and make use of your bodily signals to make more conscious choices and can recognize your personal stress signals in an earlier phase.
Finally, you will get familiar with short meditation practices to implement in your daily life.


This course will be spread over 5 weeks. Each week we will have one online group meeting in which we will discuss some theory, practice together and share experiences. Next to the group meetings we will work with an online module and you will be asked to do daily practices (about 15 minutes a day). We will work in smalls groups of 6 participants.

Practical information

  • You can register for this course using the registration buttons on the right side of this page. Please note the difference between Staff (employee of Leiden University) and Extern/LUmc (e.g. extern, self-funded researchers or employee at LUmc).
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