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Negotiating for PhDs

Sometimes you need to negotiate to reach a solution or decision. On this course, you will learn the basic Harvard negotiation techniques to help you get what you want whilst maintaining a good relationship with the other party.

Target group
PhD candidate
Fieke Harinck  (Assistant Professor) Wolfgang Steinel  (Assistant Professor)
Training course

These concrete techniques will enable you to discover how to get the best result from a negotiation.

Target group

PhD candidates of Leiden University


  • Negotiating styles
  • Conflict management
  • Power imbalances
  • Dealing with emotions

Depending on participants’ wishes, the instructors can cover a variety of different topics. Previous topics have included: non-verbal communication, gender differences, negotiations by e-mail, cultural differences, etc.

When you have completed the course

You will know what kind of negotiator you are. You will understand how to achieve win-win outcomes. You will be better able to approach and manage conflicts. You will enter negotiations with more self-confidence. Because you will know more about how to approach a negotiation, you will achieve better results.

Approach and duration

This is a one-day course. The training will consist of exercises and theory. In the afternoon to focus will be on topics put forward by the participants.

The study load for this course is 8 hours.

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