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Planning and managing your PhD project (Dual PhD Centre)

Are you a PhD candidate who could benefit from structuring your work, having a firmer grip on things and confidence in your research? During the training 'Planning and managing your PhD project' you will learn the principles of effective project management and how to apply those to your dissertation project. You leave the course with a realistic planning and a clear understanding of what is required to implement it.

Target group
PhD candidate
Ruben Verheul  (trainer and advisor PhDconsult)
Training course

Various aspects of planning, implementation and monitoring will be addressed, as well as the personal and organisational context of PhD research. 

For whom

Dual and external PhDs of the Dual PhD Centre.


  • Basic principles of project management and their application to research projects.
  • Techniques for planning work on your dissertation (and other tasks).
  • Analysing your work habits, strengths and challenges.
  • Identifying ‘opportunities' and ‘threats' in your environment.
  • Pitfalls, priorities and personal effectiveness.
  • Giving and receiving advice and feedback in “intervision” (peer review).

What you'll learn

You will familiarise yourself with the principles and techniques of project management, translate these into a (revised) research plan and learn to apply these in your daily work.


The training consists of four elements:

  • an online module, with video’s, texts, and reading suggestions
  • assignments you will work on individually and at your own pace
  • a day of training with a group of PhD candidates and a trainer

Please keep in mind that you need to finish the online module and submit the assignments before the day of the training (the deadline will be provided in the course information e-mail).


The workload for this course amounts to 32 hours including attendance and preparation.

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