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Presenting skills for PhDs

Giving a lecture, defending a grant proposal or presenting at a conference is part of your life as a scientist. With good presentation, your audience will understand, believe and remember you. This course, with online and physical sessions, will help you improve your presentation skills.

Target group
PhD candidate
Kick Moors  (Gast trainer / coach) Hermen Visser  (Science journalist and communication trainer)
Training course
The workload for this course amounts to 16 hours, including attendance several training sessions and preparation

Why this course?

Being able to present well will help you to achieve your career goals. The sooner you start working on your presentation skills, the better you are equipped when your future depends on it (e.g. defense of grand proposals). You will learn to prepare and give presentations that help you to reach your goals, that are understandable, convincing and memorable. And you will learn to deal with fear of speaking in public and to be authentic and truly enthusiastic.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Attuning your presentation to goal, audience, and core message
  • Making a structure that both convinces and explains
  • Creating slides that support your story
  • Delivery and dealing with stress


This course consists of training sessions and homework assignments. You will be working on your own presentation. Due to Covid-19 restrictions this course will be online.

Practical information

  • You can register for this course using the registration buttons on the right side of this page. Please note the difference between Staff (employee of Leiden University) and Extern/LUmc (e.g. extern, self-funded researchers or employee at LUmc). 
  • The course is free of charge for employee- and contract PhD candidates. For external PhD candidates, we charge a fee of €250,-.
  • After confirmation we kindly ask you to mark your calendar and save the date(s) for this course.
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