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Speed reading for PhDs

You probably read a lot of articles, books and other texts, but how can you absorb this information faster? In this training course, you learn to read faster and thus save time. You will also get more out of the texts that you read.

Target group
PhD candidate
Menno Pronker  (Personal Coaching & Brain Management)

Please note: dates for 2021 will be announced soon ­


Say goodbye to your old reading speed and increase your comprehension of texts. You will be given tips and techniques to use when reading that will save you time and increase your enjoyment of reading.

For whom

PhD candidates of Leiden University and LUMC.

Topics covered

  • Why do we read slowly?
  • Factors that we can change.
  • Speed reading techniques.
  • Practice and development.

What you'll learn

After completing the course, you will easily be able to increase the speed at which you read and understand texts. You will be able to use various speed reading techniques and adopt a proper reading style . You will easily be able to double your average reading speed. As this does require some discipline in the form of simple daily exercises, you will receive email coaching for the first four weeks after the workshop.


In this training course, you will learn techniques that will have you reading and processing information faster. You will also be given plenty of practical tips. You will be able to use these tips and techniques in your work, and can bring your own reading material to the course.


The course will take place over one 2-hour session. The total workload amounts to 14 hours, including preparation time, attendance and reading.

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