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Working effectively

Use your brain

During this course you will gain more insight into the fantastic capacities of our brain. We will focus on a collection of skills related to personal effectiveness, such as speedreading, mindmapping and improving your memory.

Target group
PhD candidate
Menno Pronker
Training course
Start dates 2023
19 January, 9 February, 7 March, 10 May, 5 June, 21 September, 26 September, 25 October, 14 November, 30 November

We can get so much out of our brains, but we also have the thinking ability to unconsciously obstruct our capacities. With simple skills that are connected to how our brain works, we can read faster, write smarter, remember better and think more flexibly. During this course you will learn these skills (which are complementary to each other) and through exercises you will surprise yourself during the training.


Training session 1

  • Speedreading: techniques, strategies, practice and development
  • Mindmapping: a writing style adapted to how our brain works, the techniques, practice and application

Training session 2

  • Follow up session 1
  • Creative thinking: think beyond the logics in your brain and techniques to increase your creativity
  • Improve your memory: the incredible memory capacity of our brain, techniques, practice and application


The style is very interactive and there is the possibility to connect the teaching material with your personal situations. After the course there will be an email follow-up to stimulate you to practice the skills, to give you feedback, to answer your personal questions and to exchange experiences.

Practical information

  • You can register for this course using the registration buttons on the right side of this page. Please note the difference between Staff (employee of Leiden University) and Extern/LUmc (e.g. extern, self-funded researchers or employee at LUmc). 
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