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Let's Connect: webinar The Active Bystander

Marloes Siccema

Imagine witnessing unacceptable behaviours. Think of f.i. bullying, (sexual) harassment, belittling, discrimination etc. It’s pretty hard to be the one to speak up. You might be afraid or you don’t want to be the first to speak up, or maybe others may say you are overreacting. Yet, you know that matters like this can very well contribute to a toxic culture in the work place and lead to socially unsafe work circumstances. 

How can you keep yourself from freezing, looking away? What is it you can do, when doing nothing is not an option?! How to challenge inappropriate behaviours? How to become an active bystander?


There are multiple sessions of this webinar, in both Dutch and English. Select your preferred date and time in the top right menu and click on 'Register'.

This webinar is part of the Let's Connect toolkit. The toolkit offers staff interesting articles, training courses and conversation tools to develop the skills needed to have open discussions with one another. The toolkit will support our aim of working together to create a safe inclusive and pleasant work environment where we are genuinely interested in one another, listen to each other and work actively together. 

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