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Personal development | Working effectively

Working effectively in a hybrid setting

From working from home every day to hybrid working requires adjustments to your way of working. So this is clearly a good time for learning ways to make working (from home) more effective and enjoyable!

Target group
Non-academic staff
Postdoctoral researcher
Training course

Target group and price

Exclusively for staff members of Leiden University: € 310,-.


The topics covered in the online training course are:

  • Challenges of working from home
  • Dealing with (and experiences with) a changing reality: attitude and control
  • Setting priorities
  • Structure of your working day
  • Physical work environment
  • Organising resources
  • Stress and energy
  • Personal action plan


This online training course gives tips and insights in the area of time management and self-management, specifically tailored to the current situation. We will start by investigating what challenges you face in working from home and in working hybrid and whether you might be creating some of them yourself. Then we will zoom in on some good practice guidelines for days when you’re working from home. There will also be time to share challenges and possible solutions with one another.

After the workshop

You will have explored several facets of working from home and will also have been able to formulate and implement a number of improvements. You will know how structure in your working day can help you, and which physical changes can make a difference. You will be more able to identify what is important and/or urgent and what is not. You will have gained insight into how to deal with the current situation and what you can and can’t control now. You will also know how to relax and re-energise during and after your working day to reduce stress. Additional support will be given in the form of an e-book containing not only a variety of theories and models but also practical tips.


The training course consists of two sessions, each lasting 3.5 hours. You should also complete the preparatory assignment to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from the course. After the training, there will be a 2 hour return day at a later date, during which the following topics will be covered:

  • Learning from each other's successes
  • What are you still running into external and internal resistance
  • Action plan how to proceed: specific actions, alarm bells and resources.
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