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Intervision group on diversity for mid-career lecturers

The university is diversifying in a rapid pace. More international students and students from diverse background find their way to Leiden University, and find ways for their presence being noted. The increased diversity of the student body, also comes with its own challenges in the classroom. How do we ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment for students from different backgrounds and with different needs? How do we navigate classroom discussions when students increasingly seem intolerant of differing opinions? How do we respond to the demand of students to provide trigger warnings for course material, or when they challenge us to decolonize the curriculum?

Target group
Looi van Kessel  (University lecturer)

This intervision group is designed to give mid-career lecturers the tools to navigate didactic challenges that are informed by questions of diversity and inclusion. These include tools to provide a safe learning environment for students from various backgrounds, tools to critically reflect on course material, and tools to diffuse polarizing classroom situations.

The intervision group is set up in two blocks of three sessions. Each semester we will meet three times on Thursday morning from 9:15 to 11:00 (dates, times, and location are subject to change). Each block is organized around a specific them. In block 1 we will focus on identity categories and consider how these categories play a role in learning challenges and classroom situations for both students and instructors. In block 2 we will focus on specific D&I challenges that instructors might encounter in and outside of the classroom.

The intervision sessions are dependent on the dynamic and presence of the group. By registering for this group, you commit to it. This means that you are expected to attend all sessions and enter these sessions with an open attitude. You can register for the intervision group online via this form.

Please note that the intervision sessions will be held in English.


Block 1 - Identities

A) Session 1 (Race & Ethnicity)
Proposed time: Thursday 29 September, 9:15-11:00

B) Session 2 (Gender & Sexuality)
Proposed time: Thursday 27 October, 9:15-11:00

C) Session 3 (Class & Disability)
Proposed time: Thursday 24 November, 9:15-11:00

Block 2 - Challenges

D) Session 4 (Accessibility)
Proposed time: Thursday 23 February, 9:15-11:00

E) Session 5 (Classroom polarization)
Proposed time: Thursday 23 March, 9:15-11:00

F) Session 6 (Curriculum building)
Proposed time: Thursday 20 April, 9:15-11:00

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