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Blackboard for advanced users

Learn to decide where and how you can make the best use of Blackboard in teaching.

Target group
Karel Roos  (Coordinator ICT)
Training course

Blended learning is an educational method aimed at finding a balanced mix of face-to-face teaching on the one hand and online activities on the other, ensuring that these activities augment each other. Blackboard offers an environment where you can improve the quality of your face-to-face sessions by asking students to complete various activities online as preparation. This increases the regularity of their study, which may help to make your teaching more productive and ultimately improve the success rate of your students.

Who is this training for?

You are a teacher or lecturer and have been teaching at least for some time, making regular use of Blackboard. Or you are a student assistant and support the teaching by creating Blackboard courses. You know how to create a course with the basic tools. Although this online learning environment is certainly very helpful, you feel that the system has much more to offer than you have used so far. You are naturally welcome to sign up individually, but we also highly recommend signing up as a duo (teacher or lecturer and student assistant).

Programme - work method

In this training you will

  • Be introduced to many Blackboard functions through an interactive demonstration; 
  • Acquire new didactic insights into how and when to use Blackboard by exchanging ideas with other participants; 
  • Gain hands-on experience at the computer by creating your own Blackboard course or working with a supplied practice course.

This learning method is based on sequential use of demonstration, discussion and hands-on experience.

The training consists of two half-day sessions with an interval of two weeks in which to apply your acquired knowledge in practice + half an hour preparation time*.  

You will be amazed by what Blackboard can do: start using it as more than just a ‘glorified electronic bookcase’.

*) You will have thought in advance about what your challenges and aspirations in face-to-face sessions are: which face-to-face activities can be switched to online activities?

Course objectives

At the end of the training, you will be able to

  • Convert educational questions into the most appropriate Blackboard function or solution;
  • Implement two or three personally selected Blackboard solutions in your own courses.


  • €250 for participants from Leiden University and LUMC
  • €350 for participants from outside Leiden University

You can enrol for this training as part of the open registration or as a customised course on the basis of a tender.  

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