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Arts and leisure - Dance

Modern jazz intermediate/advanced

Tuesday 20:30-21:45 h (start 2 weeks later than originally planned)

Lenna Schouten

For whom
For intermediate and advanced dancers.

In this class we dive into our body, it’s rhythm, texture and dynamics. We ground, groove, move, flow, yield and explode. We play and challenge ourselves. We work on a strong technique and an adventurous risk-taking mindset to dance with maximum use of space, contrasting dynamic qualities and an ever changing dynamic balance. We play with the weight of bodyparts in space. We release and fall horizontally trough space. We will embody our imagination and articulate what is. You will get tools with which you can master your own process as a dancer to find freedom. With a continuous awareness of your body and the time and space around you we will find ways to stay available for movement at any time.

Lenna Schouten is a dance professional based in Leiden. Graduated in 2011 from Codarts, Rotterdam she works as an independent dance artist and teacher. She recently performed in work from Ryan Djojokarso, Danstheater AYA  and Yuri Bongers, Danstheater VOS. As a dance artist she founded Danstheater Rúm to create dance performances combined with spatial and visual arts. As a teacher she currently works for Nederlands Dans Theater and DansPark. She is specialized in Inclusive Dance, (Certified Danceability Teacher), Somatic Movement and Real-time composition (Iris van Peppen and Marisa Grande) , Alexandertechnique (Tom Koch), Countertechnique (Anouk van Dijk) and Modern Jazz (Ben Bergmans). Lenna likes to experiment and explore. Dance to her is a physical sensation, an adventure and an exciting play with time and space. 

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