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Singing: You have a voice!

Thursday from 16:00-17:00 h (start 1 week later than originally planned)

Aleksandra Popovska

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This course is suitable for absolute beginners, as well as for those who have had some basic vocal training but want to develop further their singing technique and vocal skills. 
This course is not about tips and tricks, but it is more about falling in love with the process of practicing singing.

The human voice is a remarkable instrument. It is the primary means by which we express ourselves and convey our moods and beliefs. It gives us the power to communicate – not only in speech but in song as well. In this course students will explore the possibilities of this amazing instrument, learning about the many ways the voice can be used.
Students will work on their vocal and aural skills, learn about vocal health, get a basic overview of the vocal technique and learn about its application to songs in various music genres. The student will learn about his/her own vocal instrument and its optimum function as well as get guidance on how to develop his musicianship further. Practical exercises will be presented to help students gain confidence using a varied repertoire - from pop to rock, soul, jazz, r&b, classical, etc

Aleksandra Popovska’s career spans two decades and several countries; she is known internationally as a singer, voice teacher, composer, and community choir leader. Her work has taken her to over fifteen countries collaborating and inspiring many students and artists. She was trained in various music disciplines (voice, a composition for media, music education, and music production) in  The Netherlands, UK and Macedonia.
She had more than a hundred performances on various podia around the world (to name a few: Rotterdam Opera Festival, Neuköllner Oper-Berlin, Macedonian National Opera & Ballet, etc.).
Aleksandra participated in recordings of over fifteen CDs in different music genres.
Aleksandra is a member of the Dutch Asociation of vocal pedagogues  and Dutch Asociation of composers.

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