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Arts and leisure - Theater and presentation

The Power of Expression

Wednesday from 18:00-20:00 h

Scott Blick

For whom
For any and everyone wishing to learn how to use their voice and body as a means of expression. 
(The language of this course is Dutch. Individual attention is paid to students who speak English)

What do the theater disciplines acting, singing and dancing have to do with verbal and non-verbal communication and presentation? 
The answer is simple: Everything. As with acting, singing and dance, in a presentation you give form to the concepts and ideas that you want to convey to your public. The Power of Expression is an interdisciplinary course. The aim of the course is to use aspects of acting, singing and dancing to investigate and develop the participants verbal and non-verbal communication and presentation skills. Concepts and aspects of the different disciplines suc
h as space, dynamics, tempo, breath, posture and 'landing' your information form the basis of the course.

Scott Blick worked as a professional actor/dancer with companies such as The Australian Opera Dancers, One Extra: Dance and Theatre en DV8 Physical Theatre. In 1995 he graduated from the Conservatorium in Den Haag as counter tenor and has worked as a singer, actor, director and choreographer for opera and music-theater production in the Netherlands and England. As well as teaching singing and acting he also workshops in verbal and non-verbal communication and presentation and team building to companies and university lecturers.

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