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Arts and leisure - Theater and presentation

Acting: play a monologue!

Wednesday from 20:00-21:45 h

Caroline Bik

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All levels welcome.

In the drama course PLAY A MONOLOGUE you learn how to create a character; what his motivations and intentions are, how your character talks and moves; how to make a text your own and bring it to life and much more.
The teacher has already selected several beautiful monologues for you to choose from.
For example De Mensenhater from 1666 by Molière or De Kopvoeter by Esther Gerritsen from 2007. But you can also play with your own monologue, or with an English or German text.
Each lesson focuses on a different aspect of acting. You work on the text of your monologue and the creation of your character. Step by step you will learn how to present a monologue in a convincing way. Every lesson you practice with your chosen monologue and you grow in your role and that's how you really make the text yours.

Caroline Bik loves language, stories and theater and combines these loves in her work as a theater teacher; writer and narrator. She first graduated as a classicist at Leiden University, then as a theater teacher at ArtEZ University of Applied Sciences.
Since 1998 she has been teaching theater to children, young people and adults in schools and cultural centers. Caroline also works as a (speech) trainer for students, civil servants or people from the business community.
In her lessons and training, Caroline intuitively and skillfully uses theatrical methods to help people perform better. With great pleasure she teaches people to play with words, images, movement and their imagination and creativity.

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