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Afromix special: Shake it loose!

Beginners/intermediate (1): Sunday 15 January 2023 van 12:30-14:15 h Intermediate/advanced (2): Sunday 15 January 2023 van 14:30-16:30 h

Avalon Brown

For whom
Two levels. Beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced. Afromix  is about power, great movements and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

AfroMix is an intense and energetic dancestyle where you will dance out of your comfortzone and let yourself go.

Avalon Brown loves to be inspired by different cultures and their traditional dances. This time she has found her inspiration in Tahitian Ori dance where we will shake the hips and booties LOOSE!

Avalon Brown started dancing as a little girl and has been dancing ever since. Her lessons are challenging, energetic and a mix of styles with a lot of African influences. 

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