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Philosophy of Science for Lawyers

The course Philosophy of Science for Lawyers concerns the nature of science and what makes it distinctive among forms of human inquiry.

Target group
PhD candidate
Carel Smith  (Associate Professor)
Training course

This course introduces several core issues in the philosophy of science, in particular those related to the study of law. Issues to be addressed are, among other, social and institutional facts, the role of (performative) language in the construction of social reality, external and internal perspectives in the study of law, the role of interpretation & ideology.

The course allows the candidates to stand back from the specialized concerns of their research by gaining a broader perspective on the study of law, how it acquired its current form, how it fits into contemporary society, and how to put its output in a social, cultural, and ethical perspective.

The course will draw on literature in philosophy of science, legal methodology and on contributions in areas like anthropology and sociology.


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