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Active learning

‘Active learning’ is based on the idea that subject matter will sink in and stick better if students are actively involved in their education. However, students are not always as active with the learning material as we would like them to be.

Target group
Training course

Which didactic strategies do you have as a teacher to actively engage students in the course content? How do you ensure that students stay motivated and take control of their own learning process? Which activating methods and tools can be applied to increase learning profits? This workshop will show you the answers to these questions. It also provides tools, theory, and practical exercises which can be put to use immediately. 

Programme - set up

During the workshop you will look at and analyse the ‘best practices’ from your own teaching experience and those of colleagues. Questions arising from this form the basis of the training. In addition, exercises that are immediately applicable are demonstrated and exchanged.

This workshop is suitable for teachers with some or extensive experience in activating education, who would like to increase their didactic repertoire and expertise in this area. It is advisable to follow the UTQ module Delivery of education prior to this training.

This workshop is highly suitable for teams of lecturers.

We also offer this workshop in Dutch.

Learning objectives

  • Be able to name the principles of activating didactics and explain how these contribute to effective learning;
  • Be able to explain different activating methods used in your lectures; 
  • Be able to apply various pedagogical-didactic interventions to stimulate the (thinking) activity of students;
  • Be able to analyze your teaching practice on the basis of the principles of activating didactics.


Brame, C., (2016). Active learning. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. Retrieved [08-01-2020] from https://cft.vanderbilt.edu/active-learning/.


  • For Leiden University,LUMC staff and LDE teachers: €125
  • For other participants: €175

Study load

2,5 hrs assignments + 4 hrs sessions

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