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Blended Learning: Using digital tools for teaching

Learn to use digital tools to strengthen your teaching and foster student engagement.

Target group
Anthea Aerts  (Educational Advisor)
Training course

You can use a plethora of digital tools to make your teaching more fun, efficient and accessible. When it comes to choosing between videos, quizzes, polls or online discussions, which tool do you choose and why?

During this training we discuss how you can use digital tools to strengthen your teaching and to foster student engagement. You will decide in what part of your lecture or workgroup you want to implement a tool, gather ideas on what tool would fit best and start with the implementation.

If you want to know more about how to use digital tools not just as a means of interaction, but also as a means to achieve your learning goals, this is the training you’re looking for.  

Programme - set up

This module consists of two meetings of two hours each. During the first meeting various digital tools and their purposes are presented, along with some theory on how to avoid overloading your students. Between the first and second meeting you start working on implementing a tool that fits your learning goal(s). During the second meeting you present what you have been working on and receive peer feedback on your design.

Learning objectives

At the end of this training you are able to:

  • List various digital tools and their purposes;
  • Design a part of your education using a digital tool;
  • Describe strategies to use tools that connect with your student population;
  • Explain the cognitive overload principle and how to avoid this when using a digital tool.


  • For Leiden University,LUMC staff and LDE teachers: €125
  • For other participants: €175

Study load

2 hours assignment and 4 hours session (two half days)

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