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Inclusive education - Making the change

Target group
Training course
Team coaching

This follow-up module will focus on implementing changes in the curriculum of your program. The graduate attributes (eindtermen) of the program, and learning outcomes of individual courses will taken as a starting point. Based on theory, literature searches and discussions with students and peers you will work out a plan with specific actions to implement in curriculum.

At the end of the training the participant is able to:

  • design and implement inclusive lessons and courses
  • add value to the teaching and learning process 
  • use differentiation techniques to include all students 
  • create a safe learning environment 
  • adjust learning course material, course objectives and activities if appropriat

It is recommended (but not mandatory) to first follow the module Inclusive Education – Reaching all your students


This training consists of three meetings.

First meeting

We will briefly discuss the BKO module Inclusive Education, if participants have followed this. Some background on hidden bias and teaching and learning in an intercultural classroom will be discussed. Participants will start with an improvement plan for a lesson or entire course based on their learning needs.

Second meeting

The Diversity Office will discuss their vision for and mission within the university. Several students will share their experience regarding diversity and inclusiveness in their programs. Participants have the opportunity to learn from these experiences. We will end the meeting with a peer-consultancy session to discuss difficult situations in teaching practice.

Third meeting

Literature searches will be discussed, linked to the participants learning question. Participants will then present their improvement plan for their lesson or course, followed by feedback and discussion.

Learning objectives

At the end of the training you will be able to:

  • reflect on your expectations towards your students; 
  • check assumptions you have; 
  • interpret students’ diverse needs; 
  • add value to the teaching and learning process; 
  • use differentiation techniques to include all students; 
  • create a safe learning environment; 
  • adjust learning objectives and activities if appropriate.


  • €375 for Leiden University and LUMC staff
  • €525 for other participants
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