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Teaching With Open Educational Resources - TU Delft

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that permit no-cost access, use, adaption and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions. They allow for innovative teaching methods, and increase collaboration, accessibility and knowledge dissemination. Educators can adapt and publish their own OER, thereby meeting the needs of their students more closely than when using proprietary and commercial resources.

Target group
Training course

This training is open for all teachers from the LDE Universities. Teachers from Leiden and Erasmus can sign up by sending an e-mail to Teaching-Support@tudelft.nl. 


This training will be held at the TU Delft Library. By the end of the training, participants will be able to…

·       recognize Open Educational Resources and distinguish them from other types of educational resources (e.g. proprietary).

·       engage with didactic concepts surrounding OER in a critical and reflective way.

·       weigh the advantages of using OER against its disadvantages.

·       understand the basics of copyright and using CC BY licenses for educational resources.

·       recognize what license is used for a particular educational resource, and decide what license should be used when publishing an OER.

·       assess the quality of OER.

·       search for education related open content (e.g. OER, images, illustrations) using a variety of platforms and search portals.

This course is for

Teachers and teaching assistants involved in content/curriculum creation.

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