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Short intensive session on educational development

It's not always possible to spend half a day as a lecturer or a team of lecturers to follow a module on educational development. That is why LLInC has designed short intensive courses, especially for teams of lecturers.

Target group
Mario de Jonge  (Educational advisor & Researcher)
Training course
Team coaching

Based on your questions we will lead a session of 2 hours in which your questions, linked to educational theories and practical tips, will be discussed. You can propose topics and discuss the approach and content of the session together with an advisor from LLInC. The session will take place at a location of your choice and will be planned in discussion with your team.

The sessions are also offered in Dutch.


Some examples of questions and topics:

  • Working in groups: how to manage engagement, group dynamics and grading?
  • Differentiation: how to support students with different levels of knowledge and experience to reach the learning outcomes and exit qualifications?
  • Alignment between teachers and courses: how can we ensure there is a coherent connection between the courses of a program?
  • Using digital tools: which tools are available and how can we ensure students are (better) prepared for classes?
  • Interaction in large groups: which possibilities are there to engage students in large groups of students?
  • Developing skills: how do we develop skills within the curriculum, how do we make these explicit and how to measure the skills?
  • Internationalisation: how can we take international competencies into account in the exit qualifications, learning goals and teaching methods?
  • Inclusion: how can we contribute to an inclusive learning environment in which staff and students feel engaged and appreciated?

For teams of lecturers

Contrary to the UTQ modules these sessions are intended especially for teams of lecturers, who wish to discuss a topic together. For the development of individual teaching skills the UTQ modules are particularly relevant.

More information

For more information and booking of sessions, contact dr. M.O. de Jonge


Developing and implementing the session costs €1250.

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