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Introduction into research-based business and entrepreneurship

Are you a MSc/ PhD/ post-Doc interested in the business side of research? This course is designed to inform you about entrepreneurship, patents, and academic spin-outs.

Target group
Postdoctoral researcher
PhD candidate
Training course
A combination of introductory lectures, case discussions and in-class interviews with entrepreneurs.
Study material
Cases, lecture notes and background reading will be provided during the course.

As a researcher, you are likely to get involved with patents and licensing, or even want to create your own business based on your discoveries. To increase your chances of success, this case-based course will help you better understand what it takes. In 4 sessions you will learn about entrepreneurship, patents, university technology transfer and technology strategy. Moreover, classroom interviews with entrepreneurs who started abusiness based on their research will show you how it can be done.

Topics covered

  • Session 1: Research-based Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Session 2: Patents
  • Session 3: Science vs Business
  • Session 4 Technology Strategy

Every session will require 1 to 2 hours of preparation.

What you'll learn

  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur and why research-based business is different;
  • The basics of technology transfer and the principles of patenting;
  • How two key aspects of a technology determine its commercialization potential;
  • How other researchers have managed to start and run their own company.
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