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Online training courses in privacy and security

Security and privacy are issues that warrant extra attention, particularly in these times of working from home. Would you like to learn more about the security and privacy risks inherent in daily work? If so, you can follow the free online training course given by Awaretrain.

Target group
Non-academic staff

Who is it for?

The training courses are intended for staff at Leiden University. Everyone who is interested can sign up free of charge. Language of instruction: Dutch.

Participation and registration

You can log in on the Awaretrain website using your ULCN account, at home or at the office. When you log in for the first time, it may take a few days before you can access the training modules.

Available modules

On the Awareness website you can choose from the following modules:

  • The importance of security awareness

    You learn how important your role is within the information security of the organization.
  • Strong passwords

    You will learn the importance of a strong password and get tips & tricks on how to create strong and unique passwords.  
  • Knowledge Test: Passwords

    Test your knowledge about passwords with this short knowledge test.
  • The GDPR

    You will learn broadly what the GDPR entails and how you can contribute to the prevention of data leaks within the organization.
  • The biggest dangers on the internet

    You learn what a hacker does and how and where your devices can get infected with malicious software.
  • Knowledge test: Security awareness

    Test your knowledge about security awareness with this short knowledge test.
  • Surf the internet safely

    You will learn how internet addresses are structured and how to recognize malicious websites.
  • The secure connection

    You will learn why a secure HTTPS connection is important.
  • Knowledge test: Internet

    Test your knowledge about safe internet use with this short knowledge test.
  • Phishing

    You will learn how to recognize a phishing email and how to act if you receive a phishing email.
  • The shipping address

    You will learn how to assess the authenticity of the sender address in e-mails.
  • Knowledge Test: Phishing

    Test your knowledge about phishing with this short knowledge test.
  • The computer

    You will learn how to safely use your computer for business and private purposes. What should you do and not do?
  • The safe workspot

    You will learn how to organize your workplace, so that you prevent information from being lost in and around your workplace.
  • Information destruction

    You will learn safe ways to destroy physical and digital information.
  • Knowledge Test: Social engineering

    Test your knowledge about social engineering with this short knowledge test.
  • Phishing Quiz

    You will learn how to act in different email scenarios and you will be introduced to the different phishing techniques.
  • Smishing

    You will learn how to recognize malicious text messages.
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