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FeedbackFruits Training

These introductory sessions will introduce new users to FeedbackFruits, touch on the different tools available and provide inspiration for teachers on how they can use this new tool in their education.

Target group
Non-academic staff
PhD candidate
Training course

New tool available in Brightspace

As of Monday 24th August, the FeedbackFruits tool suite is now live in the Brightspace environment. To introduce this tool to teachers who are delivering education in the 2020-2021 academic year, practical introductory sessions are being offered in September and October. These sessions will be a hands-on introduction to the tool and will answer both technical and didactic questions. 

FeedbackFruits (FbF) is an online platform that supports collaboration, communication and blended learning. The platform contains a suite of many tools that cover a range of use cases but which all facilitate and promote interaction between students and instructors, and between students themselves. The feedback provided stimulates the learning process in line with the student's needs.

For more information about the tools in FeedbackFruits, see the Tool Overview page on their website: https://feedbackfruits.com/tool-overview

The FeedbackFruits page also contains extensive information in their Help Center. Users can also ask questions here: https://help.feedbackfruits.com/en/

Teachers and staff can sign up for free to either of the sessions.

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