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Moderator Trainings for Kaltura Live Room and MS Teams

What is moderation and why is it important in your live, online classrooms?

Target group
Non-academic staff
PhD candidate
Tanja de Bie  (Senior Policy advisor)

The importance of moderation

For Kaltura Live Rooms and for MS Teams, having a moderator in your room is an important function. This training will cover the two primary moderator roles 1) in-room tech support for attendees, and 2) the host who will acts as a welcome committee for students and responds to the most frequent non-content questions, as well as a variety of other supportive tasks.

Note that this format of moderation is a non-education role and it is not expected that as a moderator that you will be performing teaching activities.

Moderators can play a range of different roles, and the moderator role can be played effectively even by those without content knowledge of the education. This training will cover: the value and importance of moderation for teaching remotely, the general principles of the moderator role, and moderating in MS Teams and Kaltura Live Rooms.

The target audience of this training is those that plan to act as moderators, but teachers or support staff who are unfamiliar with moderation or want to know why moderation is important in their class can also join.

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