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Communication | Personal development

The power of expression

• Curious to know more about the relationship between the body and voice, and their potential as means of communication? • Want to deliver your personal message clearly and without loosing it’s authenticity? • No ‘tricks’, but concrete skills that draw upon your intuition and creativity?

Target group
PhD candidate
Scott Blick

If your answers are YES, then this series of workshops given by Scott Blick is the perfect opportunity for you!

Practical details

This series of (inter)actieve workshop consist of 3 2-hour sessions with an interval of 2 weeks in between each workshop to allow participants to practice their learned skills in their work situation. You can register for only the first workshop, or the whole series.

Register now because: FULL = FULL!

Who is Scott Blick

Born in Australia, Scott has lived and worked in the Netherlands for 30 years. He has more than 30 years experience as a professional dancer, actor, singer, director and choreographer in opera, theater and musical productions. Drawing on his theater background Scott has developed a personal  and fun approach to help others develop their communication and presentation skills.

Target group

De workshops are ideal for lecturers and PhD candidates who teach.


For questions about the content of the workshops you can send an email to Mara Steffen


What do colleagues say about Scott’s workshops

Marike Knoef (Professor of Empirical Micro-Economics): 
Scott makes you aware of how you use your voice. Practice, adjust, practice again. Scott is a keen observer, and teaches you to look and listen to yourself and others more precisely. He gives clear feedback that can be applied immediately.'

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