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The other kinds of academic writing (cvs and formal emails)

Academic life does not consist exclusively of writing articles and teaching – in order to get your article published, arrange for hotel accommodation at that conference, or get a job in the first place, there are many requests, applications, and other kinds of text writing involved. You email journal editors; you are asked to ‘write a profile of yourself’ for your Institute’s web page; you have to have an English CV, and so on. 

Target group
PhD candidate
Christine Espin  (Professor of Learning Problems and Specialised Interventions in Education) Maria Sherwood-Smith  (Academic English Lecturer)
Training course

This kind of writing is essentially different from what is required when you write an article. These texts are much shorter, for one thing, and in the case of CVs and web texts often require a sort of telegram style which in English may be quite different from what you would do in other languages.  

In this course we will discuss how to write a well-organized CV, and will give some tips for writing effective emails – for instance to that important professor, asking for a traineeship. Attention will be paid to cultural conventions in academic contexts in English-speaking countries, such as the correct use of academic terminology.

Participants must attend both sessions.


The preparation/homework (about 2 hours in all) involves writing and/or revising your own academic cv and formal email or application, on which you will receive feedback. Further study material is provided.  

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