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Word order (Graduate School FSW)

Where do I put ‘only’? Can I start a sentence with ‘also’? This workshop is specifically devoted to that aspect of academic writing in English that non-native speakers have most trouble with: word order.

Target group
PhD candidate
Maria Sherwood-Smith  (Academic English Lecturer)
Maximum number of participants

The workshop builds on the mini course Pitfalls for Advanced Writers of Academic English, but it is also possible to take each course separately.  


Unless otherwise stated, courses are open free of charge to regular PhD candidates and Research Master students of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. 'External' PhD candidates may also join, but only if there is room; moreover, these students are required to pay a fee per session. 

Further, in the interest of an optimal learning experience, the instructor reserves the right to adjust the composition of groups to include representatives of the different Institutes as much as possible – so first come, first served will not always be possible. 

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