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Functional MRI analysis (Online)

Functional MRI is one of the most widely used methods in (cognitive) neuroscience. The analysis of fMRI data is however a complicated and multidisciplinary endeavour and requires multiple processing steps.

Target group
Postdoctoral researcher
PhD candidate
Serge Rombouts  (Professor of Methods of Cognitive Neuroimaging) Wouter Weeda  (Assistant Professor)

Enrollment deadline is Monday 21 June 2021.

In this two-day workshop we will teach both basic fMRI analysis and more advanced techniques:

  •  On day 1 you will learn how to perform pre-processing (filtering, motion correction and registration) and how to set-up and analyze single-subject and multi-subject designs.
  • On day 2 the focus will be on more advanced techniques. We will cover:
    • advanced HRF modeling,
    • advanced multiple-comparisons techniques,
    • and methods for connectivity analysis.

No prior knowledge of fMRI analysis is required, but due to limited time, we highly recommend some previous experience with fMRI analysis. The course is taught using the FSL analysis software suite and R.

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