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Introduction to 360 video

Make your own immersive video with 360 cameras.

Target group
Vennila Vilvanathan  (XR Research Programmer) Maarten Struijk-Wilbrink  (VR Programmer/Developer)

Immersive video has never been easier to create than it is today. With entry-level cameras, we will teach you how to shoot videos and quickly create captivating VR experiences. With applications in training, learning, and research, 360 video can be a powerful tool. In this workshop you will be working hands-on with 360 cameras and will experience your very own video in an XR headset.

Why 360 video?

  • 360 video gets you into XR the fastest and easiest way – no coding necessary.
  • 360 is an extremely helpful prototyping tool before diving into complex and interactive VR experiences, to help you visualize what the actual experience may feel like. 

Who is it for?

  • This workshop is for complete beginners.
  • Participants with media-capable laptops can make maximum use of the workshop.
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