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Hybrid education: demo and Q&A

Drop in virtually or physically during these Q&A sessions on hybrid education. In addition to asking your technical and/or didactic questions, you can experience right away what it's like to participate in a hybrid classroom.

Target group
Anthea Aerts  (Teaching Advisor) Erik van Duijn  (Staff Member ICT and Education)

These workshops are open to FSW staff ONLY.

Want to know how to install a (second) webcam or microphone for your hybrid education? Want some tips on work formats that do and don't work well in a hybrid classroom? Or are you curious about best practices when using the available video tools for hybrid education? 

Anthea Aerts (educational consultant) and Erik van Duijn (video coordinator FSW) will answer all your questions in these sessions. At the same time they will demonstrate what a hybrid session looks like.

The language of these sessions is English or Dutch, depending on the participants.

Registration is not required for these sessions. You can walk in or join online. Working language is Dutch or English depending on the participants

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