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Introduction to free & immediately useable XR for research and education

Test out XR games and experiences with SOLO's XR team and get inspired!

Target group
Vennila Vilvanathan  (XR Research Programmer) Maarten Struijk-Wilbrink  (VR Programmer/Developer)

Would you like to have free and easy to use XR experiences that you can use in your research or classes? Over the last few months, we have compiled a rather large list of free XR games and experiences that may have a lot of relevance to your work.

In this fun (and slightly chaotic) walk-in workshop we’re going to test out as many of these experiences as possible. This way we’re creating a solid list of XR experiences that are immediately useful for your own work, with no additional funding needed from your part.

This is a great opportunity to show off the latest and greatest of the XR facilities at the SSH labs. We’d love for you to see what you can do in the space available, and how you can benefit from the latest technology.


  • ...are you a researcher/educator interested in using XR in your work?
  • ...do you neither have the time nor the budget to (have someone) create your own XR experiments?
  • ...do you want to see what’s directly available, for free?
  • ...do you want to see what the XR facilities at Sylvius are, and talk about what they will be?

Join our workshop!

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